ThielWx, Now An Award Winning Website!

ThielWx, Now An Award Winning Website!

June 13, 2019 Off By ThielWx

Yes you read that title correct, the ThielWx site recently won an OU creaties, as one of two best student blog/portfolios on the OUCreate domain by the OU Office of Digital Learning. I actually nominated myself as a what if back in March, and forgot all about it until I got an email in late April saying that I had won, which was definitely a surprise! There’s a ton of awesome websites on the domain, and OUCreate makes it really easy to set up a website.

Funny story, this website is actually the SECOND version of the ThielWx website. Originally I had set up a free site on the wordpress platform (, but found because it was free I didn’t have a lot of options in design or content. This fall I came across a site ran by Elizabeth Smith ( who is now a CIMMS post-doc, which is how I discovered the OUCreate domain. OUCreate is essentially free webspace for OU Students and Faculty, with the ability to install WordPress carrying expanded features that I couldn’t get before. Hence version two was created!

The 3D-printed award I received, which is definitely going in my office!

My past experience with websites is an interesting one. As an undergrad I jumped straight into a webmaster position for the atmospheric lab at Ohio University, Scalia Lab. The first year was definitely rough learning HTML, CSS, and a little Java on my own, but I was able to move the entire site off an old and unstable server, and onto one hosted by the physics department. After that things really took off when I was appointed for a second year, I made new products and design updates, increased security, rebuilt the AMS Chapter site from scratch, and helped a website-design company with the new wordpress site in use today, which debuted in July of 2018.

Wrapping it up, a big thank you to the Office of Digital Learning and John Stewart for setting up this award! If you are an OU student/faculty member interested in learning more about the OUCreate domain or anything website related, always feel free to let me know.


  • Assisted in the building of current version. Created Technical Forecast, Climate Analysis, Hocking River, Winter Weather, Radar, and Satellite pages.
  • Built from two templates provided by W3Schools. Now a free, mobile friendly site that could be separated from the Scalia Lab site, and is hosted by the AMS.