The ThielWx Header Photos

The ThielWx Header Photos

March 7, 2019 Off By ThielWx

While on the site, you might have noticed all of the header photos that the site displays when you load a different page. Right now there are 10 photos that randomly cycle through the site, and each one was taken by yours truly so they all have their own story! Some may find them interesting, so this way you all (and partially myself) can see them all at once!

1. Mt. Tabor Views – Champaign County, OH

2. The Florida Keys – Bahia Honda State Park, FL

3. Lake Thunderbird Sunset – Norman, OK

4. NWS Sunrise – Wilmington, OH

5. Splitting Supercells – Central KS

6. Crepuscular Sunset – Key West, FL

7. On the Road – Western KS

8. Skyline – Miami, FL

9. Mamatus at Sunset – Amarillo, TX

10. The Wall Cloud – Morton, TX

11. Camelback Mountain – Phoenix, AZ